Cat's Eye Troll


Cat's Eye Troll



Cat's Eye Troll Sculpture by John Pinkerton.  

Be ready for this little troll - he will steal your breath while you sleep! 

No one is safe from this beast as he creeps into your bedroom through a magical portal in the wall. So the next time you wake in a state of panic you just may have one of these little guys lurking in your bedroom!

Based on the standout character from Stephen Kings Cats Eye movie this one to one scale creation is detailed right down to the green parakeet feather in his cap and tiny handmade metal dagger. The head, hands and feet are made from a durable hand finished resin, attached to a posable fabric body with braided wire armature. Each Troll comes in a fully detailed fabric outfit that has been dyed and aged to grungy perfection!

Standing just under 12 inches, this little nightmare could be considered 1 to 1 scale based on his size in the movie.

Don't miss out on this fully detailed faithful recreation of the troll from the Cats Eye - (but you may want to get a cat as well)

Material: Resin and Fabric 

Height: Just under 12 inches

Accessories: Handmade metal dagger

Weight: 2.5 pounds 

Hand Made in the USA by artist John Pinkerton.